Starbuck has a TomTom.

I will try to avoid tunnels as much as possible.

When did you return?

How does this camera work?

Dylan's sick.

Women give birth and men do not.

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The most successful scientists are those who pose the right questions.


I must pay a visit to the doctor.


She's in a good mood.

What made you do what you did?

We obey our parents because we honor them and we love them.


Do you have a contingency plan in place?

The wound discharged pus.

When I got up to go to school, the moon was still visible in the sky.


Don't you ever do that!

I don't think we can guarantee your safety.

Life is nothing more than a vacation between two slices of eternity.


I have no food in my house.

Did anybody call on you yesterday?

How I love this pilot!

Can you please write that down?

She told me a lot about you.


We hope we're wrong.

Siegurd doesn't have to tell me what to do.

She cares for her sick mother.

Hiroyuki carved a pipe for Jess, but she doesn't smoke.

We'll do our best to deliver everything before next Monday.


That's just what I needed.

Jeff wants that apple so much he can hardly stand it.

It kept raining all day long.

How do you think I felt?

Look, what an incredible coincidence! Loren has the same fingerprints as me.


How much longer do you think it'll be until the job is finished?

I wished him a good night.

He finished his work without sleep or rest.

I'm from Zambia.

Duane and Sjouke came up with a possible solution to their problem.

Did you ask the price?

Angela Merkel is a German politician.


Antony would like to ask you some questions.

I've been able to read since I was six years old.

I used to be a bit more fastidious.

I think I've been pretty lucky so far.

I'm just catching my breath.

You can't afford to be late.

When will you be ready to go?

I became a woman.

We cannot separate the sheep from the goats by appearance.

I haven't started.

Where do they want to go?


The boy is mad for a bicycle.

Does Subra have a fever?

I really don't want you to do that.

You can number me among your friends.

You are the only one who can carry the bag.

Can you tell me why you hate Fay?

They all reacted.

Don't use the desk by that window.

Bret doesn't eat raw fish.

"How well do you know Nathan?" "I only met him once."

Don't read too much into it.

Please buy me a turtle, Mother, please buy me a turtle.

He is but a child.

Micheal went to the theater with Vijay.

Pierette stopped reading the book.

Was Shannon involved?

I've got my family here with me.

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Nothing in the world gives people so much real pleasure as having a happy family.

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When I grow up I'd like to be a confectioner.

I can't tell you how pleased I am.

We can't make any assumptions.


Maybe I should be ashamed.

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Cindie smiled gratefully.


This computer has a Pentium processor.


I guess I have nothing to lose.

Are you sure Jochen is a bounty hunter?

I saw fear in her eyes.


Rakhal seems to be unlucky.

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The girl smiled at me.


I don't think anything will change.

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I think that's very clear.

Sarah says he's seriously considering our proposal.

Jock knows what it's about.

I was planning to turn this room into my mother's studio, but I'm currently using it as a storage room.

You're repeating yourself.


She looks very sick.


I'll buy the drinks.

We were wrong.

Who helped you?

What do Jarmo's parents do?

I sometimes talk to my neighbor across the fence.

Stuff happens.

Rex hates opera.

It would've been better not to say anything.

I did my best to make friends with Hohn.

The car replaced the bicycle.

Do you think that bothered them?

How did you get here so fast?

His grades took a big jump.

Stanley asked Jon out on a date and she accepted.

Ever since she fell in the kitchen, her mind hasn't been all there.


I am sitting in a row.

I couldn't make it to the meeting as I was sick.

I just wanted to try it once.

In a word, I don't trust him.

I can't do this now.

You can travel how you please.

I plan to invite a lot of guests to the opening ceremony.

My favorite sport is skiing.

The drink I drink the most is coffee.


Stay very still.

They soon arrived at the station on the moon.

When I saw his mother yesterday, she said he had left the hospital a week before.

The barber gave Norman a mohawk.

The parachutist fell into the ocean and drowned.


What kind of behavior would you generally consider as typically male?

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They must then go through a landing examination conducted by inspection officers before they can obtain landing permission.

Ramesh is a successful banker.

Nobody believed him.

Excuse me, I can't stay long

We've been told that you were the one who started the fight.

The wounded were transported with an ambulance.

What can you tell me about the kidnappers?

Nobody likes Terrence and nobody ever will. He's just too hard to get along with.

That's the wrong tone to adopt with me.

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Don't you think you're being a little hard on Kuldip?

My friend seems serious to me.

I made a mess of that.


Becky didn't enjoy his job.

I've been to the dentist.

Don't think about leaving money for your kids, use it all up and enjoy yourself with flair.

We want our money back.

The music makes me want to dance.

Stephe is really good at this, isn't he?

The authenticity of the documents was checked before publishing them.


The pilots of Air France went on strike.

I've never really thought about that.

The backdoor was broken.

I want you to suffer.

Is Claudio getting enough to eat?


Winston got Matt to accept his help.

I can't believe you're really going to college.

If the phone rings again, I plan to ignore it.


Lord and I have been out of touch with each other for a long time.

Would you like to eat something else?

Tell Teriann the air conditioner isn't working.

Blair was left high and dry.

Today is a very exciting day.

I regret the delay in writing to you to thank you for your hospitality on my visit to your country.

Although most of us think of the brain as a single structure, it is actually divided into two hemispheres.

I'll take your word on that.

Karl told me his wife's name was Loukas.


This isn't what we planned.

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He was an indolent man, who lived only to eat, drink, and play at cards.

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I wish you could go with him.

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This stuff's radioactive.

I'm only trying to save you time.

Was it scary?

Cows spend hours just chewing their cud.

The pencil I lost yesterday was an old one.


I had to tear him away from his book.

Business people exchange cards at the beginning or end of a meeting.

He seemed surprised when I told him.